Finance Directors: A BDO Hayward Guide for Growing Businesses (BDO Stoy Hayward Guide for Growing Businesses)

This is the second in a unique series of books on running small and medium-sized businesses, written specifically to help the enterprises grow successfully and avoid the mistakes that ruin so many. The problems vary from personality clashes to running out of cash, ill-thought out expansion plans, and misconceived acquisitions. Short, concisely written, and with clear, helpful advice, this is the essential guide—borne from great experience—to help businesses grow successfully.

List Price: $ 12.50


The Big Idea: How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True, From the Aha Moment to Your First Million

It’s the moment when you say, “There’s gotta be a better way.” It’s the moment when you ask, “How can I solve this problem?”Donny Deutsch’s hit CNBC show The Big Idea has put the spotlight on that ordinary moment and the people who have the courage and stamina to make their dreams come true.Some people think a big idea is like a lightning bolt striking out of the blue that slams you in the head. But it’s hardly ever like that. The big idea isn’t an act of God. It’s an act of daily life. Simply p

List Price: $ 19.95