God You Said…: “Reminding God of His Word On Your Entrepreneurial Journey”

EVERY CHRISTIAN ENTREPRENEUR SHOULD READ THIS BOOK…… God has called you to be a successful Entrepreneur. In this powerful book, James L. Standfield, “The Entrepreneur’s Motivational Coach” gives the Christian Entrepreneur the scriptures they need for Entrepreneurial Success. I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;They shall never hold their peace day or night.You who make mention of the LORD,do not keep silent,And give Him no rest till He establishesAnd till He makes Jerusal

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The Growth of Venture Capital: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

The venture capital (VC) industry plays an important role in nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation, and its role varies from country to country. The six countries whose VC industries are analyzed here are the United States and Canada, whose VC industries are mature; Sweden and Denmark, which have established small but successful VC industries; and Israel and Turkey, whose experiences demonstrate the state of the young VC industry in transition economies. The analysis is based on the four mai

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