Learning from Entrepreneurial Failure: Assessing How an Entrepreneurs’ Prior Business Failure Affects His/Her Ability to Start New Business Venture

Business failure is an important source for the development of skills and knowledge that can be highly useful in subsequent entrepreneurial undertakings.In this study, we wish to widen a greater understanding of how entrepreneurs learn from entrepreneurial failure. Many entrepreneurs about 50% fail in two years after have started their business, but it is important to know that entrepreneurial failure is not an end. The practical relevance of this study is that it provides entrepreneurs

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Elements of Entrepreneurial Success: The Role of Core Competencies, Inner Development, and Spirituality in Entrepreneurship

Are there common inner competencies, qualities, or skills that play a role in the business success of entrepreneurs? If so, what are these, and can they be developed? This book seeks to explore these questions and cast light on the relationship between inner development and its practical expression in business performance. The book charts the results of an exploratory study using Grounded Theory, which looked at the common features of success in 21 entrepreneurs, who were also long-term practi

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