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   1.  Women and Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World Reviews
   2.  New Business Ventures And The Entrepreneur
   3.  Entrepreneurship: The Way Ahead
   4.  The Mommy Manifesto: How to Use Our Power to Think Big, Break Limitations and Achieve Success Reviews
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   6.  Telecom Business Opportunities: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making Money in the Telecommunications Revolution
   7.  New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century
   8.  New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century Reviews
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   10.  Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3rd Edition) Reviews
   11.  Recruit or Die: How Any Business Can Beat the Big Guys in the War for Young Talent
   12.  Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide: Over 1500 Great Marketing Tricks That Will Drive Your Business Through the Roof
   13.  Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business (2nd Edition)
   14.  The Emergence of Entrepreneurship Policy: Governance, Start-Ups, and Growth in the U.S. Knowledge Economy
   15.  Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Resources (3rd Edition)
   16.  Business planning guide
   17.  The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses Reviews
   18.  The Life Cycle of New Ventures: Emergence, Newness and Growth Reviews
   19.  Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Approach
   20.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship
   21.  The Economics of Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship
   22.  Entrepreneurship
   23.  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 1995: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Resear Ch Conference
   24.  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 1993: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
   25.  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 1991: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
   26.  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 1989
   27.  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 1987
   28.  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 1982: Proceedings of the 1982 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
   29.  For Entrepreneurs Only
   31.  Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap — and What Women Can Do About It
   32.  Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Technology-Based Firms
   33.  Effective Utilization and Management of Emerging Information Technologies
   34.  Bankable Business Plans
   35.  Entrepreneurship, Management, and the Structure of Payoffs
   36.  When Black & White Make Green: The Next Evolution in Business & Race
   37.  The Entrepreneurs Fast Trac II Handbook
   38.  The Lost Art of Entrepreneurship: Rediscovering The Principles That Will Guarantee Your Success
   39.  When Giants Learn To Dance
   40.  Working Together
   41.  The Evolution of Entrepreneurs’ Fund-Raising Intentions: A Multiple Case Study of Financing Processes in New Ventures
   42.  Time to Make the Donuts: The Founder of Dunkin Donuts Shares an American Journey
   43.  How to Write a Winning Business Plan
   44.  Mastering Entrepreneurship: your single source guide to becoming a master of entrepreneurship
   45.  Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash
   46.  The Gospel of Good Success: A Six-Step Program to Spiritual, Emotional and Financial Success Reviews
   47.  Growing Pains: Transitioning from an Entrepreneurship to a Professionally Managed Firm
   48.  Business Startup (Survival Kit Series)
   49.  The Entrepreneur’s Guide (Survival Kit Series)
   50.  No B.S. Business Success
   51.  Strategic Marketing Management: The McGraw-Hill Executive MBA Series
   52.  Sustaining Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: Lessons in Policy and Industry Innovations from Germany and India (International Studies in Entrepreneurship)
   53.  Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur: What It Takes to Win in High-Stakes Commercial Real Estate
   54.  Enterprise Support Systems: An International Perspective (Response Books)
   55.  The Intellectual Venture Capitalist: John H. McArthur and the Work of the Harvard Business School, 1980-1995
   56.  Opportunities in entrepreneurial housing construction in Nyíregyháza: A look at a local housing market
   57.  Creating and financing new ventures: Supplementary course readings, Babson College Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Reviews
   58.  Adopting an entrepreneurial approach to developing affordable housing for your constituency Reviews
   59.  Financing entrepreneurial business : an agenda for action (SuDoc SBA 1.2:F 49/5)
   60.  The Entrepreneurial Lawyer: How Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault Shaped a High-Tech Culture Reviews
   61.  ESP, Entrepreneurial Services Program (SuDoc TD 7.2:En 7)
   62.  Entrepreneurial Test (Kk-Epi), Saddle Stitched Reviews
   63.  Destroy Your Debt!: Your Guide to Total Financial Freedom; Strategies for Personal and Entrepreneurial Debt Elimination (Hot Tips) Reviews
   64.  The Age of Enterprise: The Emergence and Evolution of Entrepreneurial Management
   65.  The American Entrepreneurial & Small-Business Culture
   66.  Cases: Strategic Management and Business Policy (10th Edition)
   67.  New Technology-based Firms in the New Millennium: Vol. 8 (New Technology Based Firms in the New Millennium) (Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance)
   68.  Entrepreneurial ambitions: before launching their business, the Jacksons had to get their finances in order.(INVESTMENT STRATEGIES): An article from: Black Enterprise
   69.  Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Local Development: Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research
   70.  The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage Reviews
   71.  Entrepreneurial choice and performance: A re-appraisal of liquidity and human capital constraints (Discussion paper series / University of St. Andrews, … Industry, Enterprise, Finance and the Firm)
   72.  Employee to Entrepreneur: A Mind, Body and Spirit Transition
   73.  Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions: 2009
   74.  Venture financing: Raising capital in Wisconsin ([Entrepreneurial resource series])
   75.  Watching Osborne’s government fixes.(Commentary)(Laboratories of Democracy): An article from: Government Finance Review
   76.  Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Entrepreneurship and the State Reviews
   77.  American Entrepreneur: The Fascinating Stories of the People Who Defined Business in the United States
   78.  Creating Entrepreneurs: Making Miracles Happen
   79.  Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Study of Successes
   80.  Best in show: editors and readers weigh in on the top products, services, and tips.(SPECIAL REPORT): An article from: Black Enterprise
   81.  Building the Awesome Organization: Six Essential Components That Drive Entrepren (Kauffman Center Series on Managing Growth)
   82.  Competition and Entrepreneurship
   83.  Entrepreneurship: Ideas in Action (with CD-ROM)
   84.  The entrepreneurial American city Reviews
   85.  La teoria economica de la funcion empresarial / The economic theory of the entrepreneurial function: El Mercado De Empresarios / the Entrepreneurs Market … Universitario. Materiales) (Spanish Edition)
   86.  Entrepreneurial Growth and Development Programmmes in Northern India: A Sociological Analysis
   87.  Indian Entrepreneurial Culture: Its Many Paradoxes Reviews
   88.  Fire in the Belly: An Exploration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit Reviews
   89.  Tourism and Small Entrepreneurs: Development, National Policy, and Entrepreneurial Culture : Indonesian Cases (Tourism Dynamics)
   90.  Successful Branch Management: Developing an Entrepreneurial Vision to Meet Customer Needs and Increase Profitability
   91.  Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions: 2001
   92.  Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions: 2000
   93.  Creating and Re-Creating Corporate Entrepreneurial Culture
   94. Entrepreneurial Business and Wired Management, Start Here Reviews
   95.  Keep On Moving! Entrepreneurial Creativity and Problem Solving
   96.  Entrepreneurial Transitions: From Entrepreneurial Genius to Visionary Leader
   97.  Options and the entrepreneur: Toward a strategic theory of entrepreneurial behavior (Working paper series) Reviews
   98.  Options and the entrepreneur: Toward a strategic theory of entrepreneurial behavior (Working paper series)
   99.  The Entrepreneurs Planning Handbook
   100.  Handbook on Building a Profitable Business

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